Saturday, May 13, 2006


The shop isn't supposed to even be open Saturday, but it was just so I could work on my car. Dave came in to help me and I think we got a lot of stuff done. I took the carpet out of the car and Dynamatted there. While I was doing that Dave was working on putting the touch screen into the car (see pictures). I also installed the USB hub in the little gap below the AC controls, along with the disc drive. After Dave mounted the screen we put it back in the car to look at it and it looks very nice. Then Dave and I worked together to put the comptuer into the car. It looks like the case will fit in the spot we chose, but just barely. We put padding behind the computer so that it wouldnt dent the car should anything go wrong ever. Tomorrow we have a break then monday the subwoofers come in. I still don't know how the amplifiers and box are going to work out, but come friday I will be there presenting.

Here are some pictures:


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