Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just a little update...

I am putting the finishing touches on my computer tonight as my boss said I have to bring it all in tomorrow. It's been crazy because today was the beginning of stripping my car and I worked from 7:30am-9:30pm. Tonight, just now, I found some really cool things that I am going to do before I assemble the computer. I was planning on installing the mircophone anyway, but the future add-on of my cell phone looks very promising through a company called "Parrot". Aside from that there is a voice recognition feature in Centrafuse that I am going to have a go at after the Microsoft SAPI files download and are installed. Voice recognition would be incredibly cool and helpful because I wouldn't need to take my hands off the wheel. Aside from that I think I may have just stumbled upon a way to integrate my external GPS program into Centrafuse so everything doesn't look so rough. This is all great news and expect a post later tonight (around 4am) when this is all done.


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