Monday, May 01, 2006


Ok, so a few posts ago I said I still needed a way to connect the disc drive to the computer. Today, as I didn't have much to do while waiting for the new riser card, I drove to Fry's Electronics and bought an IDE to USB converter. Running an IDE cable through the car would have been horrible, so this USB cable will be much better. The only problem posed by this is the pins on the dvd drive for power and ide are too close and can not fit on at once. I already solved this by taking out the power connectors from their harness, covering them in electrical tape, then plugging them back on streamlined. So now I am just waiting until tomorrow when the two slot riser card comes and then I will finish the software installation.

Here are some pictures of the dilemma posed:

Here is the new sound card (note the huge heatsync):


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