Sunday, May 07, 2006

Software Decisions...

After communicating with the programmers of the PhoneControl software I have reached the conclusion that it is impossible for my phone to be used as I had planned it. The internet will still be available wherever the internet is, but due to America's phone standards it is impossible to use my phone with the software I had planned. That being said it is a feature I am going to miss, but it is not that big of a loss.

Centrafuse definitley will not be ready by the time of the projects completion and I have decided to use an alternative called "Mobile Media Center" temporarily. This software will allow me to do everything as I had planned, doesn't look bad, and will allow me to integrate my current GPS software. So minus the phone control integration the computer is about ready.

This morning I called my contact about fabricating the computer screen into the dashboard and hopefully we will be able to complete that today. Tomorrow I am going to be waking up at 6:30am and beginning work on the car until around 11pm. It's going to be a long week full of long hour days. Monday should consist of Dynamating the car (anti-vibration padding that improves sound quality) Dynamating consists of stripping the panels of the car and applying the Dynamat adhesive padding to the bare metal of the car. This Dynamat will add about 30lbs. to the car, but that is nothing compared to the 200+ lbs. the speakers and computer will add. Stay tuned for photos and other updates on my progress.


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