Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Software Installation - Part 3

Now that sound is working I feel a lot better, but I am still having a lot of difficulties setting up all of this very sensitive hardware that I am not very experienced with. I installed Centrafuse, but only the beta is out right now and Tom told me to prepare the computer expecting that the final release of Centrafuse will not be out before the project time is over. The only serious problem with this is that makes me undecided about how to prepare my GPS software because Centrafuse has GPS integrated, but the final version will have a different program integrated and GPS maps are sort of expensive, so, I will have to find an alternative GPS program in the meantime. Aside from the GPS not being set up I have attempted to set up the phone with the computer (as an actual phone, not for the internet), but I am having some problems with that as well. I am going to spend a lot of time tonight searching through the PhoneControl.NET forums looking for the answers to my problem.
I installed WS_FTP and have begun transferring music and other relevant files over, so the computer is nearing completion, but it still a ways away.


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